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The Real 
Superheros Are Inside Us All 

We've seen them in movies, read about them in comic books... tales of men who were born to be different. Who in spite of the odds against them, rise above the ordinary man, to become extraordinary beacons of hope. We call these men, Superheroes.


Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk-- all these characters have captured the hearts and minds of generations. If you ask yourself why, the answer becomes clear-- they represent the heroes in all of us. Their stories inspire us to dig deep inside ourselves to find the motivation to rise above life's challenges. 


Oliver's story began when he realized he could inspire many to find their own strength and determination and to lead healthier and happier lives. Oliver's message is that in spite of the limitations we place on ourselves, we can continue to grow and choose to do things which may seem impossible.  Oliver chose to put on his cape and motivate others to be all that they can be.  His message is clear, and through his wonderful example of determination and perserverance, we can all learn to unleash the superheros in ourselves.





Oliver has spent his whole 27 years beng told about all the things he couldn't do.  As a person with CP, Oliver has faced many challenges that most of us will never know or comprehend.  But in living, regardless of his circumstances, Oliver found a way to grow, accept and share the lessons he has learned along the way.  


We can all learn from Oliver's incredible pursuit to be the very best that he can be.


Oh! Hats were developed to bring awareness to the awesome spirit of Oliver Hilario and to spread his message of motivation and determination.  



Motivate Yourself And Join Oliver In Inspiring Others.  

Wear Oh!

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